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    Rustic Iron Pipe and Rope Bicycle Wall Hanger

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    Ā Rustic Bicycle Hanger

    Nothing is stronger than black iron pipes. Nothing compliments iron pipes better than sturdy, thick wood and the earthy feel of jute rope. That combination is what gives this bicycle rack the utilitarian coolness of the industrial era, the minimalist simplicity of the modern era, and the rustic feel of jute.

    Display and store your bicycle in a way that shows off its artistic design. The Iron Pipe and Rope Bicycle Rack holds your bicycle 14 inches away from the wall to protect both your wall and bicycle from scuffing. Jute rope is then hand-wound around the iron pipes to create a three inch soft, protective space for your bicycle to rest.

    The bicycle rack secures to your wall with two 3.5" screws to bring unquestionable stability no matter what wall material you hang it on. If hanging on a softer wall material, make sure to screw into a stud or use drywall anchors with the provided screws. Barn wood background is not included.


    Rack Length: 18 inches

    Rack Height: 7.5 inches

    Distance Between Pipes: 12 inchesĀ 

    Bicycle Clearance from Wall: 14 inches

    Proudly built in Portland, OregonĀ Ā 

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