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    Hammock for Pets Attaches to Chair Legs

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    Chair Hammock for Cats

    We care about our pets like humans and want them to be as well-cared for as the other members of our family.

    Cat hammocks, similar to hammocks for humans, provide a comfortable place for cats to relax in the sun or around the house.  Your kitty needs a comfy place to sleep and you don’t want to have a cat bed lying around that uses space and needs to be moved for cleaning the floor? Our hammocks solve all those issues and look fabulous, too!

    Hammock for Cats - Product Details

    Our hammock, which is 18.5" x 18.5" (47x47cm), is the perfect size for chair or table legs with a distance apart up to 27.5" x 23.5" (70x60cm). Pet cage furniture with wooden, metal, or plastic legs is also suitable for the hammock. Durable, water-resistant fabric covers the hammock's underneath.  Cats, small dogs, and other small animals will love these beds.

    Unfortunately, cat beds take up valuable storage space and are cumbersome to move when it's time to clean the floors. What can you do? These problems are solved with our hanging beds, which also look fabulous! Our hammocks are a big hit with cats since they are extremely cozy, bowl-shaped, safe, and raised. So be a Good fur baby parent and Treat Your Pet to a Comfortable Unique Bed!

    Cat chair hammocks are a great way for cats to satisfy their natural desires to feel secure. While hammocks aren't guaranteed to keep your cat away from your furniture, they're a good place to start. You won't have as much hair on your couch and clothing. In addition, a hammock gives a safe place to sleep if you have other animals, particularly dogs. It's no secret that cats enjoy having a higher perch from which they can watch over the proceedings in the house. They have a sense of security and a peaceful place to rest since they 'feel' like they know what's going on.

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