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    Space Saver Portable Outdoor Toilet Potty 2.1 gallons

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    Take This Portable Camping Toilet Anywhere You Want

    The push for environmentally friendly products has been the legacy of a new sustainable planet safe for future generations.  Our scents and odor control products have always met or exceeded all RIFM and IFRA standards, and we never utilize formaldehyde in any of our products.

    Features of Portable Toilet

    A portable toilet for camping carries waste away like a typical toilet, but the waste is not transferred to a sewer, instead is carried to a holding tank underneath. Chemicals in the holding tank break down the solid waste, kill germs, eliminate odors, and reduce the amount of toilet paper. When flushing a portable toilet, either water from a hidden water tank or toilet chemicals from the holding tank is used.

    This tank will retain all waste and liquids; hence no main drainage or water supply is needed for ordinary portable toilet units. Hand or foot power is required to operate the flusher. Using a pump flush mechanism, the tank's water or chemicals are pumped through a pipe and into the toilet bowl.  The toilet seat, tank, flushing mechanism, and pressure system are all components of the toilet.

    Very Strong and Premium Portable Toilet

    Instead of flushing, our portable toilets utilize chemicals to eliminate odors and preserve water. Thousands of gallons of water are saved since the contents do not go down the drain.

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