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    Indoor Retractable Clothesline

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    The Laundry Dryer for Indoor

    Indoor Retractable ClothesLines are a Good Option for Indoor Laundry

    Indoor Retractable clotheslines are one of the most useful additions to any home. You don't need anything besides the air in the house to dry your garments. The clothes or other laundry are simply hung to dry on the lines, an excellent environmentally conscious choice. Because you won't be using the dryer, hanging your clothing on a clothesline will save you money.

    Your electric bills will be reduced dramatically when you have a clothesline indoors. You don't have to wait for a bright day to dry your clothes. You can hang your laundry on the clothesline at any time. It's ideal for those who reside in rainy areas or don't have access to the outside or an automatic dryer.

    Clothes Lines are a common and environmentally friendly way of drying garments. A retractable indoor clothesline can be an excellent solution for daily life in tiny places.

    Retractable Clothesline Indoor

    High-quality Material

    Its firm ABS body, aluminum bracket, and stainless steel line are waterproof and its compact size makes it ideal for indoor locations.

    Retractable Clothesline Indoor

    Freely Retractable

    Compact pull-out laundry lines that can be locked to the chosen length or extended up to 4.2M (13.8Ft) in length. Holds a maximum weight of 20KG (44 pounds) and can be conveniently retracted when not in use.

    Retractable Clothesline Indoor

    Two Way Installations

    180° rotatable, easy to install with glue stick or screws mounted to the wall; with robust bearing capacity, you never have to worry about clothing coming off. Screws require a wood stud or sheet rock anchors.

    Retractable Clothesline Indoor

    Space Saver

    Its compact design- 45 * 130 * 100mm (1.77" * 5.1" * 3.9")- allows it to be used practically anywhere to hang various sorts of garments such as cloth diapers, underwear, socks, bathing suits or towels.

    retractable clothesline indoor

    retractable clothesline indoor

    retractable clothesline indoor

    Retractable Clothesline Details

    Length: 1-9 m (3-30ft)
    Style: Modern
    Material: PP
    clothesline: retractable clothesline hanger
    Clothes Drying Rack: balcony or interior clothesline
    Laundry Hanger: Clothes Dryer Organizer
    Color: white or black
    withstand weight: 20kg (44lbs)
    feature: telescopic, rotatable, no drilling required
    eco-friendly: waterproof

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