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    Plush Cat Nest Bed Washable Assorted sizes and colors

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    Comfortable Round Cat Bed Nest

    When it comes to comfort, cats generally adore being nice and cozy. This round cat bed is the perfect nest. All of your fur baby's tantrums can be avoided with a good night's sleep.

    Easy to wash, it's a delight to snuggle up in. It's also sold in a larger size, which is perfect for huge cats or a bonded pair who loves to nap together, making them the best cat bed ever.

    round cat bed

    Your Cat Will Love This - Soft Round Cat Bed

    Our round cat bed may be machine cleaned or hand washed. You may even dry the plush in the sun to keep it smooth and fluffy. You don't need to remove the filler or padded insert because the entire bed is washable and keeps its shape well in the washing machine. It's wonderfully warm and supportive.

    It's also sold in a bigger size, which is excellent for massive cats or a bonded pair who prefer to nap together. Since it is fashioned like a catcher's mitt, this bolster bed is ideal for cats who like to lean against their beds and rest their chins on the front, which reduces the pressure on their necks. These are made of long plush, incredibly soft, and warm material so that your cat feels secure while snoozing. No matter how a cat sleeps, the fluffy material is wonderful.

    round cat bed

    round cat bed
    Product Features:
    1. The Cat Bed can be Machine Washed or Hand Washed.
        In Addition, To Keep the Plush Soft Smooth, and Fluffy, You can often Dry it on Sunny
    2. Glue Point Anti-Slip Bottom Design and Durable.
    3. Made of long plush, super soft and super warm for Your Pets.
        High-Quality PP Cotton Make your Pets have a restful and deep Sleep.
    4. Size range from 15.7" to 39.3" Cat Bed
        Size : (outside diameter)
        XL: diameter 31.5"  fit for pet less than 55lb
        L: diameter 27.5" fit for pet less than 39.7lb
        M: diameter 23.6" fit for pet less than 19.8lb
        S: diameter 19.6" fit for pet less than 11lb
        XS: diameter 15.7" fit for pet less than 5.5lb

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