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    Big Wooden Space Saving Storage Shelves, Display Organizer with 16 Cubbies

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    Multipurpose Shelves for Mobile Storage of Toys, Crafts, etc

    Are you looking for some space saving storage furniture? The Contender Big Cubby Storage with 16 Cubbies organizes, stores, and displays your child's toys. This long-lasting storage system saves space while appearing stylish with an all-natural finish that is ideal for any classroom or home décor. The sixteen cubbies are suitable for keeping children's craft supplies, trinkets, and other toys. It is made of 100% Baltic Birch hardwood with softened edges and is finished with our patented Tuff-Gloss UV Finish, which makes it stain-resistant and durable for any active classroom or home situation.

    Space Saving Shelves

    Spacious Space

    Its 16 large cubby shelving allows you to conveniently organize everything from toys to art supplies to clothing

    Space Saving Shelves


    This ultra-modern home-school furniture is suitable for classrooms, day-care centers, businesses, workplaces, and homes.

    Space Saving Shelves

    Sturdy Construction

    This playroom organizer and storage is made of 100% Plywood and has mortise and secure fastener construction for outstanding strength and durability.

    Space Saving Shelves


    The cabinet's overall dimensions are 46 3/4"H x 46 5/8"W x 12" D.

    Space Saving Shelves

    Extreme Safety Standards

    GREEN GUARD GOLD CERTIFIED means it does not emit any dangerous toxins (VOCs) into the environment and has perfectly rounded corners and edges for maximum safety.

    Large Space Saving Shelves - Ultimate Bookshelf for Small Space

    Thinking about making the best use of our limited resources is an important part of space-saving shelves. You can lower the number of components in a room, also using multi-functional furniture helps reduce clutter. There is also storage space provided by space saving furniture, which will allow you to keep clutter at bay and keep your area tidy, making it feel more inviting; perfect space saving living room furniture. 

    Benefits of Space-Saving Cabinet

    There are several benefits to space-saving items. There is more accessible space for other functions in a decluttered environment where everything has its place. Furniture that can be extended, folded, slid, or easily lifted away has many applications. As our family has expanded and progressed through various stages of life, we've realized that the amount of material things for shelf storage, miscellaneous storage, and bulk storage has increased significantly.

    Everything has a place and is more accessible with a built-in closet and matching miscellaneous storage. Every shelf, box, drawer, and hanger organize objects by category, making finding what you're looking for easier. This can be reevaluated as our requirements evolve over time. Conserving space is beneficial. Space-saving encourages better organization and doing things more streamlined and stress-free.

    Contender Space Saver storage shelves Product Details

    Our space-saving shelf can be a perfect addition to any home. This long-lasting storage system saves space while also looking the best, thanks to all finishes that suit any classroom or interior design. The sixteen cubbies are ideal for keeping craft supplies, trinkets, and other toys for kids. It's made of 100 percent Baltic Birch plywood with softened edges and our exclusive Tuff-Gloss UV Finish, making it stain-resistant and long-lasting in any dynamic classroom or household situation. In a young educational environment, the recessed backing also helps to prevent tipping.

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    Space Saving Storage Shelves FEATURES

    • GREENGUARD Gold certified. Constructed from 100% Plywood, and coated with our exclusive Tuff-Gloss UV finish.
    • Promotes a healthier early learning environment. Do not emit any harmful contaminants (VOCs) into the atmosphere.
    • Unique mortise and hex screw construction is the strongest most durable joinery available. Fully rounded corners and edges for maximum safety.
    • Comes with a manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty. Dimensions: 46.75"H x 46.625"W x 12"D.
    • 5/8" Thick Solid 11 ply Baltic Birch Plywood.

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