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    Spacesaver Shelf Silver Over Toilet organizer: space saving bathroom furniture

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    Simple, Easily Accessible Bath Storage Space Saver

    This is the ultimate space saving bathroom organizer that declutters and organizes your bathroom by repurposing the area above your toilet that would otherwise be wasted.

    space saver bathroom cabinet

    Creates more Space for Storing Your Belongings

    Features 3 shelves that provide flat storage for linens, toiletries, decorative accessories, and more (each shelf holds up to 5 lb.); great for use in bathrooms, utility rooms, garages, and laundry rooms.

    space saver bathroom cabinet

    Fits Over most Toilets

    The bottom shelf is 34.25 in from the ground, so the space saver fits over most standard and taller toilets.

    space saver bathroom cabinet

    Sturdy, Attractive, and Rust-resistant

    Steel construction, visually interesting “cross-style” design, and a rich, rust-resistant satin nickel finish.

    space saver bathroom cabinet

    Everything you need

    Includes space saver and all mounting hardware; anti-tip hardware is included for safety.

    space saver bathroom cabinet

    Easy to assemble

    Assembles in 20 minutes; instructions included

    Zenna Home Space Saver Bathroom Cabinet

    Our toilets' wall space is frequently neglected and misused. So why not combine them with a space saver bathroom cabinet? For decorative appeal, we usually cover it with framed photographs or little floating shelves, but don't overlook this opportunity to add more storage to your room! With an over-the-toilet storage cabinet, you can create practical hidden storage while also adding a personal touch to the top or open shelves. Do you have enough enclosed storage in your current location? Opt for a completely open-shelf design.

    space saver bathroom cabinet

    Zenna Space Saver for Bathroom - Specs That Suits You Demand

    Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you'd probably like to expand it without spending a fortune on renovating it. A bathroom space saver can be beneficial.

    One of the first things you should know is that dividers are required in most bathroom cabinets. Of course, everyone gets their shelf or small part. With some handcrafted separators, though, everything may be divided into parts and appear more organized. Repurpose an old cardboard box by decorating it with opulent wallpaper or wrapping paper. Place them in the cupboard as dividers to help keep the deodorant separated. The organization's goal isn't simply to have a place for everything.

    You must ensure that everyone in the house, not just you, is aware of that location! Show off your newly arranged bathroom storage solution to the rest of the family, and make sure they understand what goes where to keep the cabinet in tip-top shape.

    spacesaver bathroom cabinet

    Shop Spacesaver Bathroom Cabinet from Optimum Size

    Our space-saving bathroom cabinets can be an excellent choice when you want to restructure your space or make the most of it. Baths have little storage, particularly in older homes that precede the now-popular suite bathrooms with spa-like facilities. Even newer homes may lack the space you require to store all of your towels, lotions, makeup, hair styling tools, shaving equipment, and children's bath toys. Custom bathroom cabinets maximize the use of both large and small rooms by ensuring that all of your items have a home.

    Product Features

    • 60 x 23 x 8.5 in. Spacesaver Shelf Silver
    • Designed to be reliable, durable, and attractive
    • Ease of assembly, use, and maintenance
    • Size: 60 x 23 x 8.5 in.

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