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Stainless Steel Fruit basket

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Modern Creative Home Decor Stainless Steel Fruit holder

Because of its open form, which allows air to circulate efficiently in it, AIFUSI Uniquely designed stylish fruit basket is made to exhibit your fruits while keeping them fresh for longer. This stainless steel fruit basket may also be used as a centerpiece for your living room or coffee table. There are two functionalities in one!

stainless steel fruit bowl

Perfect Solution for Space Problems

As this fruit basket can fold, you can use this as you need. If your dining table is small or medium, it can easily make a place without folding too much. Also, if you have a large table then fold it to the max & it can also suit there.

stainless steel fruit bowl

Super Large Capacity to Store about Anything

When open, our kitchen fruit basket is 14 x 10 inches, and when folded, it measures 14 x 5 inches. It is large enough to keep a variety of products in the kitchen, living room, and dining room, in addition to fruit, such as bread, vegetables, and snacks.

stainless steel fruit bowl

Sturdy with Food Grade Steel & Easy to Clean

Our Rotation Fruit Basket is composed of food-grade stainless steel, which is non-toxic, rust-proof, and has a durable design. You may simply clean it by wiping the debris away with a moist sponge or cloth.

stainless steel fruit bowl

A Perfect Gift Idea for Special Occasion

This beautiful fruit basket dish is ideal not just for personal use, but also as a housewarming gift or a sophisticated wedding or engagement gift.

Stainless steel Fruit Bowl - Organize Your Table in a Style

For consumers looking for multipurpose bowls for their kitchen and households, a stainless steel fruit bowl can be a useful option. In this day and age, everyone is becoming more environmentally conscious or attempting to lower their carbon footprints by using reusable rather than single-use products. As a result, stainless steel can be an excellent choice for their household

Stainless steel bowls are the best option when it comes to selecting multi-purpose bowls for the kitchen. They're elegant and delicious at room temperature.

stainless steel fruit bowl

Features & Advantages of Stainless Steel Fruit Basket

Stainless steel fruit baskets are the best option when it comes to kitchen bowls that you can use for multiple purposes. Steel goods always add class to objects. These bowls are long-lasting and rust-free, making them an excellent long-term investment.

stainless steel fruit bowl

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 13×13×34CM (5*5*20 inch)

The dish is unique and artistic, it folds for storage

Shop Stainless Steet Fruit Bowl from Optimum Size

Our stainless steel fruit baskets are the best option when it comes to multi-purpose bowls for the kitchen. Steel materials always give your appliances a classy and slick vibe.

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