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    Aerobic Fitness Stepper Machine

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    Space saving fitness equipment- Whole gym in one tool

    This Aerobic Fitness Step Air Stair Climber Stepper Exercise Machine is highly recommended for individuals searching for a low-impact aerobic workout at home! It is appropriate for persons of all ages. The perfect space saving fitness equipment for especially those with limited exercise time and workout space.

    stairmaster for home

    A digital training computer keeps track of your steps, time, and calories

    Every time you use it, the digital training computer tracks your steps, time, and calories burned, allowing you to receive an excellent and monitored workout. Safety is ensured by wide anti-slip pedals. It also comes with two resistance bands for total-body fitness. Now is the time to order!

    stairmaster for home

    1. High quality, fully assembled
    2. Lightweight and portable and a perfect space saving fitness equipment
    3. Provide a low-impact aerobic workout
    4. Targets calves, thighs, buttocks, and hips
    5. Digital training computer keeps track of your steps, time, and calories
    6. Solid steel construction
    7. Wide anti-slip pedals ensure safety
    8. Includes two resistance bands to offer a full-body workout


    1. Color: Silver
    2. Weight: About 16.09lbs / 7.3kg
    3. Load Capacity: 220lbs / 100kg
    4. Material: Steel Tube & ABS Pedal & Latex Cord & PP
    5. Dimensions: (16.93 x 12.99 x 8.86)" / (43 x 33 x 22.5)cm (L x W x H)

    Package Includes:
    1 x Air Stair Climber Stepper Exercise Fitness Machine
    1 x Band
    1 x Manual

    stairmaster for home

    Stairmaster for Home Use

    A Stairmaster is a machine that rotates steps, similar to a treadmill, allowing the user to ascend upward at the speed and duration of the sets. It can deliver an above-average cardio exercise while toning lower-body muscles like the lower back, legs, and feet. You may also use it as a resistance band to step up your fitness level.

    stairmaster for home

    Benefits of Stair Stepper Machine

    Using a stair climber machine is a win-win situation from head to toe. A stair climber machine might provide a welcome change of pace from your usual running or walking routine. Stair climbing improves the heart and lungs, the keys to aerobic fitness. You can take in more oxygen when you have better lungs. This is also an efficient and useful strategy for losing weight or managing your existing weight. In addition to cardio benefits, exercise can strengthen and tone your body, which is also healthy for your bones. Climbing stairs and other weight-bearing workouts can help prevent osteoporosis and even help you to treat it if you have it. As you age, this becomes more critical as your body's natural bone loss accelerates. Aside from the cardio and physical benefits, using the climber machine is also helpful for your mental health.

    stairmaster for home

    A Stepper is a Quiet Exercise Machine

    As your feet never leave the machine's surface, a Stairmaster for home is considered a low-impact exercise. This means that when you step on a stepper, you're protecting your hip, knee, and ankle joints from the repeated impacts they encounter whenever you run or perform an aerobics class. Those exercises necessitate hundreds or thousands of times for your feet to leave the ground and return, with your entire weight bearing down on all of your lower body joints at impact.

    stairmaster for home


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