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Traditional White Wood Shutter Divider Screen with Shelves

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Wood Shutter Screen for Exceptional Artistic Display in Any Living Space : Ultimate space saving storage shelves

This white wood shutter screen will add a touch of elegance to any living room. Each panel is perfectly carved from sturdy natural wood. Space saving shelves are incorporated into the divider screen. Adding a great deal of storage for books, collectibles, plants, etc.  Its intriguing blend of modern vibes and classic flair is exactly what you need to freshen up your home décor.

wood room dividers


63" x 10" x 71" Traditional White Wood Shutter Screen--White

wood room dividers

The Advantages of Minimalism With Wood Room Dividers

It's never too early to start thinking about making your home feel more cozy, and our wood room dividers can help. A minimalist lifestyle makes a lot of sense, and it's a popular choice among many individuals. Having a minimalist house reduces stress in numerous ways. Many people feel overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" they have lying around their homes.

With too much furniture and decor, a home can quickly become congested and uninviting. The divider can partition off certain areas to create cozy spots and simply to bring interest to a room's decor.

The History Behind Wooden Room Dividers

Wooden room dividers have a long and illustrious history. China pioneered folding room dividers in the fourth century BC. These early Chinese folding screens functioned as furnishings and decorative elements. They were colossal, ostentatious works of art, contributing to their cost. These room separators were inconvenient to shift and typically remained in place due to their size and weight. Japanese room dividers improved between the second century BC and the modern day.

Japanese folding screens come in a range of shapes and sizes. Europeans and later Americans who traveled to the Pacific Rim in the early 15th–17th centuries returned home with these screens. The first was imported Asian screens, but their local artists began manufacturing their own reproductions of Asian folding screen dividers within a few years.

In the twenty-first century, folding room dividers have evolved beyond residential applications. Room dividers are now employed in health care settings, schools, churches, restaurants, airports, lobbies, museums, corporate offices, and convention centers.

The Best Design for Your Purpose - Wood Room Dividers

Using wood room dividers can be a cost-effective way to split a large room into multiple smaller ones. Using dividers in a library room can be utilized for privacy or to divide up an immense region. There are numerous uses for wooden room dividers, which are more versatile than simple walls. Because they are totally portable, room dividers are a breeze to transfer from one location to another. Just fold them up and keep them in your closet or storage area when not in use.  63" x 10" x 71" 

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